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IMI | The Innovative Medicines Initiative
EFPIA | European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations

King's College London

King's College London
DeCrispigny Park,
Denmark Hill
London SE5 8AF


Participant's Lead

Prof. Shitij Kapur Prof. Shitij Kapur
Dean and Head of School 
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Institute Presentation

King’s College London is one of England’s oldest and most prestigious university institutions: a multi-faculty research-led university college based in the heart of London with over 19,700 students, of whom more than 6,200 are postgraduates. It is ranked as one of the world’s top 25 universities. The Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, is one of the world’s leading centres for psychiatric research and hosts the largest critical mass of psychiatric researchers (>1,000 students and staff) outside of the US. The Institute of Psychiatry has been a leader in psychiatric genetics and imaging and therefore will be taking a lead in these aspects of the NEWMEDS Project.
• The IOP-KCL will act as the lead academic coordinator and IMI-JU Managing Entity for the academic half of the NEWMEDS consortium.
• KCL will lead the WP08 focussed on depression pharmacogenetics – and will undertake the overall leadership of the project, genetic analysis and correlation to clinical data critical to the project.
• KCL will lead the WP06 focussed on developing image analysis methods focussed on drug development – and will undertake imaging data collection, collation and development of new image analysis methods.
• KCL will partner in WP03, providing its expertise in pharmacological challenges and strategies for cognitive remediation.
• KCL will partner in WP10, providing its expertise in clinical trials and statistical analysis.


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