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Participant's Lead

Dr. Thomas Steckler
Senior Research Fellow, Neurosciences 
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Institute Presentation

Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development is a subsidiary of the global pharmaceutical, medical devices and consumer packaged goods manufacturer. JP NV is responsible for discovering and developing pharmaceutical drugs and has research sites located in Beerse (Belgium), Raritan (New Jersey), Spring House (Pennsylvania), La Jolla (California) and Toledo (Spain). The company’s division in Beerse is known as Janssen Pharmaceutica and is the focus of JP NV CNS research efforts. The site in Beerse has a long-standing interest in schizophrenia having been the origin of the prototypic first- and second-generation antipsychotics Haloperidol and Risperdal, respectively.
The CNS team at Beerse currently has responsibility for Research and Early development and as such identifies small molecules which are then progressed into development up to and including Phase IIa efficacy studies, after which drug development transfers to the Full Development organisation in the US.
Accordingly, the CNS Research group in Beerse has many of the skills sets required to compliment the cross-functional and translational nature of NEWMEDS. For example, the preclinical research team contains expertise in in vitro eletrophysiological techniques and functional genomics along with in vivo groups experienced at using in EEG and behavioural pharmacology to characterise pharmacological responses. These methodologies are used to inform early human (Phase 0) studies conducted within the Experimental Medicine group, with the Translational Research group, headed by Dr. Thomas Steckler, being the bridge and facilitator between the preclinical and clinical groups. Over-arching all these teams is the statistical group which provided ongoing support for study design and data analysis.

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