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Institut de Recherches Servier
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Participant's Lead

Michael Spedding Michael Spedding
Deputy Director of Servier Research. Neuroscientist, pharmacologist 
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Institute Presentation

Servier’s Group is a global pharmaceutical company with active programs in Psychiatry areas relevant to this project and has two research centres with major commitments for drug discovery in Psychiatry. Servier’s Group has also a large network of outside investigators and is unique in the integration of outside research into drug discovery. Servier’s Group is unique in having two approved antidepressants, tianeptine (glutamate modulator) and agomelatine (melatonin agonist/5-HT2C antagonist), with mechanisms of action which are novel; agomelatine has just been approved by the EMEA. Moreover novel background mechanistic research will be put into this project.

Servier’s Group personnel have expertise in a number of areas that will support this project:
• Expertise in preclinical EEG and electrophysiology models and drug testing, and translation of these effects to clinical practice
• Background and state of the art knowledge on brain function in normal and pathological conditions, in particular new methodology in controlling key brain circuits (hippocampus, amygdala and prefrontal cortex) which are key to psychiatric disorders.
• Expertise in pharmacokinetics, experimental design, statistics, and project management

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