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Central Institute for Mental Health

Central Institute for Mental Health
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Participant's Lead

Prof. Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg Prof. Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg
Head of Dept. Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Director ZI / Imaging genetics, translational imaging, schizophrenia 
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Institute Presentation

The Central Institute of Mental Health (CIMH), Mannheim, an independent public foundation of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg associated with the University of Heidelberg, is one of Europe’s premier research institutions dedicated to mental health. The CIMH combines an active clinical inpatient (300 beds) and outpatient programme in adult psychiatry, addiction, childhood and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy with outstanding research facilities, including, in the domains relevant for this proposal, two dedicated research fMRI scanners (currently 1.5 Ts and 3 Ts, from next summer 2 3 Ts magnets), an 9.4 Ts animal fMRI scanner, high-throughput facilities for genotyping and molecular biology, neuropsychology and an extensive transgenic animal (both mice and rats) and animal behavior assessment facility. Yearly grant volume is in excess of 7 mio Euro.The work groups for imaging in psychiatry, rodent behaviour and translational imaging will be involved in NEWMEDS. Prof. Meyer-Lindenberg is the Director of the Institute, Chair of Psychiatry and Chairman of the Department and an expert in imaging genetics and translational biology and innovative treatment strategies in schizophrenia. Drs. Sartorius and Weber-Fahr lead the rodent imaging facility and have made major contributions to translational imaging methodology, including neurogenesis, spectroscopy, and treatment of depression. Prof. Kirsch heads the Human Neuroimaging workgroup in the department of psychiatry and is an expert in human cognitive and genetic neuroimaging, including effects of dopaminergic drugs and neuropeptides.
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