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Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)
Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas de Barcelona (IIBB)
Rossello 161, 6th floor
08036 Barcelona,


Participant's Lead

Dr. Francesc Artigas Dr. Francesc Artigas
Research Professor, Head of Department  
E-Mail to Dr. Francesc Artigas Contact  

Institute Presentation

The CSIC is the largest R&D organization in Spain (ca. 120 Institutes) particularly in the field of Biomedicine. The institute (IIBB) research is focused on traslational medicine in the fields of Neuroscience, liver and respiratory diseases. CSIC will be leading WP1; this leadership is based on a long-lasting experience in the study of antidepressant (AD) and antipsychotic (AP) drugs and on recent pioneering observations (Kargieman et al., PNAS 2007; Celada et al., Biol Psychiatry 2008; see below) that may lead to new translational models to identify antipsychotic drugs. The team involved, lead by Prof. Francesc Artigas is composed of 2 staff CSIC scientists, 5 postdoctoral scientists, 1 predoctoral scientist, 6 PhD students and 3 lab technicians. Some relevant publications in the field of AD drugs include: Artigas et al., Arch Ge Psychiatry 1994; 51:248-251 (cited 390 times), Artigas et al., Trends Neurosci 19:378-383 (cited 363 times), Pérez et al., Lancet 1997:349:1594-1597 (cited 216 times) and Adell and Artigas, N-S’s Arch Pharmacol 1991; 343:237.244 (cited 210 times). More recent work has focused on the study of brain networks involved in the therapeutic action of AP and AD drugs. Key papers from this period are: Celada et al., J Neurosci 2001; 21: 9917-9929 (cited 118 times), Amargós-Bosch et al., Cereb. Cortex2004; 14: 281-299 (cited 64 times), Santana et al., Cereb. Cortex 2004; 10:1100-1109 (cited 48 times); Díaz-Mataix et al., J Neurosci 2005; 25: 10831-10843 (cited 43 times), Kargieman et al., PNAS 2007;104:14843-14848, and Celada et al., Biol Psychiatry 2008. 64:392-400.

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